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SOLAR BRIGHT Ltd have a PCT patent pending on a product called “PATEYE” : A  self contained road reflective solar marker and related light based warning device which includes clever patented circuitary that triggers the illumination of light-emitting diodes at a predetermined temperature.  

The temperature may be associated with ice formation "black ice".    The PATEYE is a very intelligent small device which can also charge and work at the same time during daylight hours plus is able to charge at night from car head lights.

It should also be noted this device is maybe used as a straight replacement for a traditional cateye, with the added advantage of a “REAL TIME” life saving warning system (depending on each countries roading authorities standards)

This potentially life saving, sustainable device – is the only one in the WORLD – we believe nothing like it anywhere else.

PATEYE is the 21st century version of the well-known "cateye".  This device is of great value in colder climate countries where they experience icy conditions on roads, railway lines and airport runways.  

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